63. Cannes Filmfestival 12-23.05.10

                  Cannes Filmpalais 2010                                                        Majestic Hotel,Cannes May,2010


Russel Crowe at Robin Hood Film Party,Cannes 12.05.10 - Robin Hood Film Party,Eva Longoria,Gael G. Bernal

Benicio del Toro,Robin Hood Film Party
,Cannes 12.05.10                          Martinez Hotel,Cannes May,2010

Adriana Karembeu,Majestic Beach, May.10 Cannes  -     Mick Jagger,Presentation Film "Stones in Exile",Cannes 2010 

                                         Party with Diana Kruger in Cherie Cherie Beach,Cannes  

Partys at Fuji Terracce in Cannes 2010                          -               Presentation of Film "Hisss" with Mallika Sheravat

Abu Dhabi Party in Vegaluna Beach, May Cannes         -                  Majestic Beach Hotel Party May 2010
                                                Me at "Fuji Terrace" CannesFilmfestival  May,2010