Cannesfilm Festival 17-28.05.2017

  Filmparty "In the Fade" with Fatih Akin and me.           The great Club Albane

Filmpresentation "Emoji"at Carlton Beach.    Filmparty "In the Fade" with  Diana Kruger.

     The wonderful Croisette.                                   Me in Cannes 2017

      Filmparty at Majestic Beach.                          Filmparty at Majestic Beach. 
      Filmparty at Majestic Beach.                        Filmparty at Magnum Beach.
Me in Cannes 2017.                                  Me in Cannes 2017.
Finnish Party at Grand Hotel.                     Presentation with Dinner.
       View over Cannes at night.                              The great Club Albane.
         The great Magnum Beach.                             The great Magnum Beach.